The Association

Latvian Association in Belgium

The Latvian Association in Belgium (hereinafter -  LAB) or Association Lettonne en Belgique (a.s.b.l.) is a non-governmental organisation officially incorporated in Belgium.

LAB's aim is to promote the communication among the Latvians living in Belgium, to preserve and continue developing Latvian cultural traditions, as well as to make them popular among Belgians and other nationalities. 

The Association was established in 2004 by transforming the Latvian National Committee in Belgium, and its Articles of Association have been published in "Le Moniteur belge" on 9 August 2004. On 13 April 2006 LAB reestablished within the European Latvian Association (ELA). 

The existing board of the LAB was elected in March 2015 and its term of office is until March 2018. The current composition of the board is the following: 

  • Laura Gailite, Head of Association
  • Andris Rigerts, Deputy Head of Association
  • Agnis Sauka, board member, responsible for Latvian Newspaper in Belgium
  • Olga Savenko, board member, responsible for media and communication
  • Ilze Zilgalvis, board member, representative in European Latvian Association
  • Aiva Zubecka, board member, secretary
  • Liana Ametere, board member, accountant

To contact the board please use the following e-mail address

Additional information on the Association: 

  • Registration number - 409.294.765
  • Registered address - Rue du Commerce 122, B1000, Bruxelles
  • Postal address - Av. des Arts 23, B1000, Bruxelles
  • Bank account - IBAN BE32 3401 8253 1002, ING Bank, BIC BBRUBEBB



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